Seamus O'Regan

Your member of parliament for

St. John's South-Mount Pearl

Seamus O'Regan

Your member of parliament for

St. John's South-Mount Pearl


4 Years of Real Change for the People of Newfoundland and Labrador

Ranting and Roaring Doesn’t Work

Ranting and roaring might make for good headlines, but it doesn’t get the work done, and it doesn’t make life better for you or your family.

So instead, Nick, Ken, Churence, Scott, Gudie, Yvonne and I have been hard at it, doing the work you asked us to do.

Having a say in government matters, and because of your team in Ottawa, we have been able to get some incredible results for this Province.

We have seen the largest investments in the Province by any federal government in history.

With billions of dollars of new money for everything from roads and training, children and seniors to the Canadian Coast Guard, we’ve been working hard to make this Province an even better place to live, and to thrive. There’s more to do, but we’ll keep at it.

Making Life Easier


We know raising a family can be tough. That’s why we introduced the Canada Child Benefit. Since 2015, more than $90 million has gone to 44,000 families who need it most in St. John’s South—Mount Pearl alone.



The previous government raised the retirement age and didn’t do enough for seniors. That’s why we lowered the retirement age back to 65, and increased your Old Age Security, and Canada Pension Plan.



For too long, politics in our Province have been about ranting and roaring, us versus them. Our government has worked hard to stay positive and focused on what matters most to you.


Growing the Economy


This new Accord delivered $2.5 billion is on top of the 100% of oil and gas royalties that the Province already receives. This money will be used by the Province to help pave roads, build schools and hire doctors.



In addition to a new $6.5 million wharf for offshore supply vessels and expanding Proser’s Rock, we’ve also created the Ocean’s Supercluster that will give $300 million to companies right here at home.



Our government has made $900 million available for education and training, so that our workforce can learn the skills we need today, and for the future. We are also giving paid leave to people who want to go back to school.


Building our Province


We brought back the Coast Guard Rescue Sub-Centre built a new Atlantic Canada Coast Guard Headquarters here in the Harbour. Finally, our government is building 18 brand new ships for the Coast Guard fleet across the country.



Over the last 4 years, we have spent more than $300 million at MUN on new projects like the Core Science Building and the Battery Facility, as funding world class research, innovation and technology.



Since 2015, we have spent more than $900 million to replace old and worn out infrastructure, and to build new projects like the Team Gushue Highway, the new sidewalks in Mount Pearl, and water and sewer pipes.

Dollars and Cents Across the Province

  • $2.9 billion to help the Province save interest on Muskrat Falls
  • $2.5 billion of new money for the Province under the revised Atlantic Accord
  • $900 million for new roads, bridges, transit and infrastructure
  • $900 million for training and skills development
  • $750 million last year for the Province under the new Canada Health and Canada Social transfers
  • $600 million to families across the Province under the Canada Child Benefit
  • $400 million for Memorial University, including $100 million for the new Core Sciences Building
  • $300 million for the Oceans Supercluster to support local companies
  • $130 million for small craft harbours across the Province
  • $45 million for the Trans Labrador Highway
  • $38 million for 5,000 low income workers through the Canada Workers’ Benefit
  • $20 million for the Coast Guard, including a new Headquarters Building in St. John’s
  • $15 million to clean up the Manolis L wreck
  • Hundreds of other projects across the Province